Thursday, 7 August 2008

We Have Moved.

Just a reminder that The Arab Blog has moved. So update your bookmarks, feeds and links.



Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Blog Update - We are moving!

Arab Blog in transfer to Wordpress.


As you will have noticed, the blog has been pretty empty of posts over the past few days (well except yesterday when a lot was going on).

This is because The Arab Blog is moving.

We have decided to upsticks from Blogger and move to Wordpress.

I feel the move is a good one for the future of the blog. You will notice when you visit that it has a much cleaner, tidier look and hopefully the general feel of the blog will feel smoother and more easy to navigate.

The new blog can be found here (

Can I ask that those of you who have have links to my site to please update them to the new address. I know it a bit of a hassle, sorry. For those of you who read this, again bookmarks will need up dating.

For those of you subscribing to the feed, I am working on setting up the feeds, you will need to cancel and re-subscribe. Again, sorry for the hassle.

The new blog will shortly contain all the previous posts and comments from this blog.

So guys, thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the new Arab Blog.


Panic Stations?

I have been trawling a few fans messages boards this morning, basically because I'm too lazy to get my own stories, and there seems to be a few fans getting quite unsettled that Rangers have plummeted out of Europe (Oh ma sides!!).

No, not because they secretly like the Forces of Darkness and wanted them to do well but because it may now be time to raid United for a few of our players.

As you may be aware, Rangers have recently been linked with Wilkie, Gomis and Bauben. Some feel that, with the loss of circa £10m revenue from missing out on the Champions League, after their 2-1 (agg) defeat from Kaunas, that the club will have massively reduced spending and may target players from other SPL clubs.

But to be honest, I think most of their summer spending will have been done on the basis of actually receiving that £10m, leaving them with pretty much zilch to spend.

And I don't really think we will, unless we get offered completely bonkers money, which I don't think they can really justify spending, accept any sort of bid for any three of the above mentioned players.

And, not to be offensive towards United players, but Rangers fans will no doubt want big names to appease them. I don't think United players, or any other SPL player for that matter, would go far enough to pacify them.

My main concern is that Walter Smith gets the boot and they make moves for Craig Levein...

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Strike Off, Game On

The SPL has now agreed a deal with the referees, averting any strike action.

Referees will now be paid £800 (ridiculous eh?) per match until September. Both parties will then meet again on September 16 for further negotiations.

Hopefully by this point the SPL will have noted how incompetent the referees are and refuse to pay them any more.

At least the start of the season will not be delayed (like that was going to happen).

Lets all look forward to next Monday!

Levein Fined By SFA

The Verdict is in and The Gaffer has been fined for his outburst at Mike McCurry.

The SFA have handed him a £5000 fine.

Levein is still yet to decide whether he will appeal the fine however, after the hearing he was in no mood for apologies.

"I said what I honestly felt at the time," he said. "It was a poor performance and I'm still angry about it.

"I wasn't going to go in and apologise for anything I said."

Can't say I'm surprised to be honest. Hopefully he will appeal and not backdown.

The Season is Forthcoming - Prediction Time.

It is less than a week until the season starts. At 12:30 on Saturday Falkirk and Rangers will kick off the 08/09 SPL Season (Assuming those pesky referees sort out their differing view points on pay with the SPL).

So what does the season hold in store for the football fans country wide?

Dundee United
Purely selfish, a whole section on United.

How will we do?

Rather well actually! In all seriousness, I think we have got to look for some sort of improvement on last season without getting too carried away, as this has happened many a time before and always ends up in disappointment.

We have done a fair bit of wheeling and dealing and brought in some good players. Sandaza has looked good and just needs match fitness, Feeney looks like and handful and, in my view, we have made our most important signing in getting Willo Flood back for the next year.

A big bonus for me is what looks like the return of Prince Bauben. If stories were to be believed, the Ghanian had played his last match for us. Now thought the outlook is different. He has looked back to his best in pre-season and I can't wait for him to resume his partnership with Gomis in the midfield.

Finishing spot?

I take us for fourth with a good cup run thrown in.

First for the boot?

Who will be the first Managerial casualty?

Over at Easter Road Mixu isn't looking too clever is he? It been a rough pre-season for the big Finn and there has been a surprising lack of goals and signings. Couple this with reports that he wants rid of 9 players and has stated he won't be replacing them, the axe may fall early in the season. In saying that, you don't want to peak in your pre-season fixtures and maybe they will the ground running come the start of the season.

A close second for the punt has to be Jim Jefferies. I can't see Killie doing too much this season. Again there has been a lack of signings, mostly due to lack of funds, couple this with new signing Russell picking up an injury pre-season, I see a tough time ahead for Killie and it may end up that the club will cut their losses and punt the big man.


Who is facing the drop?

Many people will fancy Hamilton for the drop but I think Billy Reid will get them off to a decent start. They will be fired up and looking to prove a point and a good start could well see them stay up.

Prime candidates for me are Killie (see above), St. Mirren. St Mirren just don't seem to have added enough quality and this could well catch up with them.


Who will take the crown?

If I'm honest I can see past Celtic. Fair enough they maybe haven't added as much as Rangers but I think they will still be good enough.

I can't say I have been to impressed with Wattie's signings but hey, he might prove me wrong.

What do you think? Am I way off the mark?

Let me know your predictions for the season ahead

Levein before the dock.

So, today The Gaffer faces the SFA over the McCurry row after last season 3-1 defeat to Rangers at Ibrox.

The SFA are to question Levein over his post match outburst, in which he slated the ref over 2 incidents, one a blatant penalty, the other a blatant goal, in which McCurry decided to give against United (OK, lets face it he cheated *libel/slander alert*).

Levein stated after the match, live on BBC Radio Scotland and Setanta Sports that United may as well have not bothered turning up. He claimed there is no level playing field in the SPL when it comes to the Old Firm and that McCurry bottled it when it came to giving big decisions againt Rangers.

Any fair minded football fan without a royal blue tinted specs on can see he is right.

So, lets hope Craig stands up to the corrupt governing body that is the SFA.

And as a follow on to this, I find it rather amusing to find that the referees up here are threating a strike which could delay the start of the SPL season.

40% increase eh? And what exactly do any of these referees feel they have done to deserve such an increase? Maybe if they could make fair decisions during games rather than pandering under pressure it would be worth it.

Until the referees in Scotland buck up their ideas, we should be telling them to swivel for an increase.

Bring in foreign refs. At least we may get some impartial decision making.