Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Levein before the dock.

So, today The Gaffer faces the SFA over the McCurry row after last season 3-1 defeat to Rangers at Ibrox.

The SFA are to question Levein over his post match outburst, in which he slated the ref over 2 incidents, one a blatant penalty, the other a blatant goal, in which McCurry decided to give against United (OK, lets face it he cheated *libel/slander alert*).

Levein stated after the match, live on BBC Radio Scotland and Setanta Sports that United may as well have not bothered turning up. He claimed there is no level playing field in the SPL when it comes to the Old Firm and that McCurry bottled it when it came to giving big decisions againt Rangers.

Any fair minded football fan without a royal blue tinted specs on can see he is right.

So, lets hope Craig stands up to the corrupt governing body that is the SFA.

And as a follow on to this, I find it rather amusing to find that the referees up here are threating a strike which could delay the start of the SPL season.

40% increase eh? And what exactly do any of these referees feel they have done to deserve such an increase? Maybe if they could make fair decisions during games rather than pandering under pressure it would be worth it.

Until the referees in Scotland buck up their ideas, we should be telling them to swivel for an increase.

Bring in foreign refs. At least we may get some impartial decision making.


the scottish football blogger said...

Unfortunately I can see Levein getting shafted here. It's better for the powers that be to blame than manager than address the real issues.

As for the threatened strike - I felt the same at first, tell them to do one. Now though? I'm not sure the credibility of the SPL is strong enough to withstand a delayed start. We'll see.

Chuck said...

Oh, there is absolutely no doubt he will get shafted for this.

If not then the SFA will have to look at refereeing standards in our game and, since they have already come out and publicly backed referees they won't be looking to do that.

Just the way things go Isuppose.

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