Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Panic Stations?

I have been trawling a few fans messages boards this morning, basically because I'm too lazy to get my own stories, and there seems to be a few fans getting quite unsettled that Rangers have plummeted out of Europe (Oh ma sides!!).

No, not because they secretly like the Forces of Darkness and wanted them to do well but because it may now be time to raid United for a few of our players.

As you may be aware, Rangers have recently been linked with Wilkie, Gomis and Bauben. Some feel that, with the loss of circa £10m revenue from missing out on the Champions League, after their 2-1 (agg) defeat from Kaunas, that the club will have massively reduced spending and may target players from other SPL clubs.

But to be honest, I think most of their summer spending will have been done on the basis of actually receiving that £10m, leaving them with pretty much zilch to spend.

And I don't really think we will, unless we get offered completely bonkers money, which I don't think they can really justify spending, accept any sort of bid for any three of the above mentioned players.

And, not to be offensive towards United players, but Rangers fans will no doubt want big names to appease them. I don't think United players, or any other SPL player for that matter, would go far enough to pacify them.

My main concern is that Walter Smith gets the boot and they make moves for Craig Levein...

Your thoughts?

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