Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Levein Fined By SFA

The Verdict is in and The Gaffer has been fined for his outburst at Mike McCurry.

The SFA have handed him a £5000 fine.

Levein is still yet to decide whether he will appeal the fine however, after the hearing he was in no mood for apologies.

"I said what I honestly felt at the time," he said. "It was a poor performance and I'm still angry about it.

"I wasn't going to go in and apologise for anything I said."

Can't say I'm surprised to be honest. Hopefully he will appeal and not backdown.


Seb @ InsideLeft said...

Hmm, just over a months wages for an SPL referee.

Has McCurrie received any (financial) punishment over his actions? He did admit he was wrong ...

Doug said...

Outrageous decision.

SFA shown themselves to be as corrupt as we all thought.

Chuck said...

@ Seb - Yep McCurry admits he was wrong, not so much as a talking to.

Levein tells the truth, he gets carpeted from the SFA.

Says it all really.