Thursday, 31 July 2008

United News

Not much doing really.

Most of you will by now have seen that the Gaffer has state he will not be making another move for Rangers striker Alan Gow.

Levein state that he was at one time interested however, any move is now not going to happen. The players wages have been sighted as a stumbling block.

Spanish trialist Pablo Carrascosa has now returned to Spain. This does not mean a move for the player is off. United are now trying to acertain if the player is a free agent.

Craig Levein is taking his side down South this week for the final pre season game against Plymouth. The Gaffer has stated that the side that starts the game will be very close to the side that will start the first game of the season against Hamilton.

And finally, there appears to be some rumours going about that the forces of evil at Castle Greyskull (Rangers) are about to launch a bid for Gomis and the Prince.

Bull methinks. If not, tell them to shove it along with the 5% handling fee!

Any thoughts on these stories, feel free to comment.

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