Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A trip down memory lane.

Ok, a blog here that will hopefully get you readers involved.

I want to hear about your Dundee United Memories. It could be a memory of game, a fantastic win, a great day out/Euro trip or some not so good such as bad defeats, missing big occasions.

Basically any United memory you want.

Mine would have to be 1994, the Scottish Cup win. Sadly I was born too late to see the glory days so this is the best memory that sticks with me.

I suppose I didn't understand so much at the why people around me at Hampden were bricking it when Brewster put that goal in, my old man just kept saying he had seen it all before.

When the final whistle went though, that was a noise like I have never heard before. Mostly relief I think!

And too see Mo lift the cup... Class!

Great day out that was.

I still get the old goosebumps watching the video.

So chaps, what are your United memories?

I look forward to your comments.

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