Friday, 1 August 2008

Old Firm GTF!

Stop the Old Firm bully tactics!

By now you will all have seen the news. The Old Firm are at it again, trying to scam the other 10 SPL teams out of money, for the "joy" of the bigoted, sectarian bile spewing, knuckle dragging "fans" visiting our Stadiums.

At first we stood against it. Now, rightly or wrongly, the Dundee United board have decided to give in to Celtic's demands and pay the 5% handling charge.

Are the board right? For the good of the club financially, probably yes. We can ill afford to lose out on circa £100k from the west coast scum, per game.

But morally, we are wrong. This could open the flood gates. What if Aberdeen sell out and then want 5%? Hearts? Hibs?

And what if next year, the Bigot Brothers want 7.5%? Then 10% the following year. Where will it stop?

The board have stated that paying the fee this time does not necessarily mean we will do so for every game against the Old Firm.

I sincerely hope we don't.

The link at the top is a petition against the Old Firms actions. Will it help? Mibbes aye, Mibbes naw, but please sign it.

One Outraged Arab.


Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Certainly agree Chuck, The OF moan about a lack of a level playing field and then try to kill the opposition at every opportunity. 1 of 2 things should happen.

1) We should refuse and sell the tickets ourselves.

2) Refuse to allocate them any tickets at all and sell them to our own fans.

Personally a game without the one shoed weegie minks would be Paradise (no pun intended!)

I think the board bottled this one!

Chuck said...

Spot on. We have set a dangerous precedent now, and we could end up regretting our stance.

I hear today Aberdeen have also accepted the idea and will also now pay the 5% levy.

They are one of the clubs I thought would have rejected this.

The clubs should have stood together against this.

It's time to get the Old Firm out of our leagues. Let them go to England.

Their bully boy tactics would get mocked down there.

Anonymous said...

It's a tragedy that Aberdeen have agreed to pay the Fan Tax. Disgraceful and shocking, given the tight fistedness at Pittodrie.

Extorting more money out of the other SPL teams like this is disgraceful. Nevermind yer Microsoft, get the monopolies commission to investigate the goings on at Ibrox and Parkhead.

Chuck said...

Again, I have got to agree, it is sad to see yet another club bow to the demands of the Old Firm.

I honestly though The Dons would have been one of the clubs that would have stood strong against this, even if other clubs agreed.