Thursday, 24 July 2008

Playing Catch Up.

So I am playing catch up today.

Now the whole of the football world know about Noel Hunts transfer to Reading.

Unfortunately, at the time this was all being confirmed, I was in St. Andrews, taking in a Barcelona training session. I got some pictures, which I will upload tonight and post.

Then, I arrived back, got the news (OK so we already knew didn't we, it was more the official confirmation we were waiting for) that Noel was away.

Depending on what you believe the fee, which officially is undisclosed, is anywhere between between £600k and £1m. Personally, from what I heard, I reckon it's at the lower end of that bracket.

What do we all think of the transfer?

It's a good piece of business in my eyes. A good profit from a player we signed for £50k and it would appear the gaffer seen it coming, judging by the number of forwards he signed this close season.

Hunt obviously wanted to try his hand at a higher level, fair play to the lad. He stated his intentions to United, yet he didn't come out in the press making waves about wanting a move. He carried on through pre season with a very professional attitude.

And nobody can say a bad word about his commitment when playing in a United shirt. He always gave 100%.

It's sad to see him go but you can't blame him for wanting to move on.

So, Arabest to Noel Hunt and good luck at Reading. I hope he makes a success out of his time there.

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