Thursday, 24 July 2008

Barca Training.

As promised, I have pics from last nights Barcelona training session in St. Andrews.

Note that the pictures are not of the best quality as I couldn't get close enough (standing on the street behind a fence), and I couldn't blag my way in as a Uni student.

Other that that, it was rather entertaining. Watching them doing their drills (or plays) from the centre of the pitch, out to the wings then into the box was pretty awesome. They spent a good half hour on this with many variations, it's really no wonder they have the ability to cut teams up.

They then went on to play a match, as most teams do in training, and it was good to see some of the skills on show.

I have seen Messi many-a-time on the TV, but never had the joy of seeing him up close. Quite simply, awesome.

So it was good to see, whets the appetite for Saturday.

Also spotted at the training session was former United winger Steven Robb. Don't panic though, he has not managed to wangle himself a deal with the Catalan giants, he was merely a spectator with his kid.

And finally, at the time of writing, Barca are currently destroying Hibs 4-0. Gudjohnsen 2, Messi and Pedinho (I think) have scored, all within the first 25 minutes. It could have been more, Barca are just waltzing through the Hibs defence and midfield.

They won't get it that easy against us, that's for sure.

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