Thursday, 26 June 2008

So, What Do We Need?

Craig Levein has stated he is looking to bring in another three players. Two out of these three he would like to be strikers.

But what do you think we need?

So far we have added Andis Shala(ST), Michael McGovern(GK), Scott Robertson(MC) and Paul Dixon(DL)

Firstly Goalkeepers and Defenders are settled. We have lost Kalvenes, but with the addition of Dixon to battle it out with Danny Grainger for the left back spot, we should be covered. Wilkie, Dodds and Kenneth for the centre backs and Dillon and Kovacevic, who can also play in the middle, are fine cover. Hopefully this season will see the return of the highly rated Keith Watson from injury.

Midfield, I feel, is where we need an addition. Robertson will cover the space left by the departure of Mark Kerr. Hopefully we can sort out the Bauben situation soon. Cameron is back, and hopefully time served with St Johnstone has done him some good. We also have Gomis and David Robertson.

As for wingers, here lies the problem. Craig Conway is a good little player however, he is currently injured. Other than him, there is a distinct lack of wide players.

Unless we are looking to play a narrow midfield, we could do with the addition of some width. Willo Flood, who can play wide or through the centre, would be my first choice, although money will dictate whether this is possible or not.

Another shout could be Jim McAllister from Morton. Maybe not the fans first choice, but, from my limited view of him in action, could do very well under the tuition of the Gaffer. Other than that, I'm at a loss for suggestions.

And finally, the forwards. Shala has been added and is sounding very enthusiastic about the coming season. Whether he makes an instant impact remains to be seen. He is only young and will need time.

Hopefully we can keep a hold of Noel Hunt and he can build on last year.

Daly, hard to comment due to injuries, but, harsh though it may be, it's time for him to move on if he can't prove his fitness. We can't afford passengers.

As for forwards on the cards, Alan Gow is still being mentioned, although any deal is likely to be a loan, and even at that, is very unlikely. Roy O'Donovan look set to stay with Sunderland, rumours of Liam Buchanan of Partick have died down.

My choice? Villa or Arshavin, but I feel they would buckle under pressure of playing for a club of Uniteds size(!)

I'm sure the Gaffer has something up his sleeve, no doubt it will be a gem.

Who do you think we should be looking at? What do we need? Have you heard any rumours?

Your comments are welcome.

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Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

I think that 1 defender 1 midfielder and a striker will be the additions. We have no idea whether resigning MDV is on the cards?

I would love flood, a competent defender, Marvin Andrews, Richie Byrne, Ibrahim Tall, Abderaouf Zarabi, Steven Watt,

Midfielders there is Kevin Davison, Barry Nicholson, Keegan Ayre, Patrick Noubissie,

Thats not including any players that have been out on loan in the last season (Marco and Goodwillie)