Saturday, 26 July 2008

Today is the day!

Yup, we take on Barca.

After the demolition of Hibs on Thursday the Catalan Club are sure to be in a confident mood, but I can guarantee we won't be no push overs.

Can't wait.

I will have pics of the game posted (gonna try this from during the game from Tannadice, mobile technology eh?!) but, judging by my Barca training pics, they wont be great (one of the downfalls of mobile technology).

So enjoy chaps, lets hope for a good game, some amazing skill (Darren Dods is amazing with the ball at his feet!) and hopefully a sneaky wee win! (too far?)

I will have a match report, maybe tonight if i'm not too far gone, or tomorrow.

Bring them on!

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Bibin said...

hello chuck,

Yup i am also waiting forward to see the match. I have written my feelings about the Messi Olympics saga. You may not agree with it, but still just have a look.