Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It's Opinion Poll Time...

So it's a quiet pre season day, we played last night, we got beat.

Not much else happening. I could post about Greg Cameron talking about being delighted at getting back into the team last night, but I would just be covering what the "Tully" has already said. (Well done to Greg by the way, glad to see him back and hopefully he can pick up some good form and get back into the first team).

So the Opinion Poll, which will be up for the next week, is about refereeing (Oh not that again).

Now, I'm not about to sit and bitch about decisions that went against us, though there were many, last season. Some pretty horrific (a bit strong?) decisions went against many teams at various times during last season, and I could list them all, but this would turn into the Never Ending Blog.

But, with all the uproar about a certain Mr McCurry last year, leading to many pointers of poor decisions by him in various games, is this likely to have an effect on the standard of refereeing during the coming season.

Now, I for one understand that refereeing can, at times, be tough, for various reasons. But at other times, can it be said that referees are showing blatant bias towards certain clubs?

I'm not about to say by any stretch that referees are cheating (or the SFA might hit me with a slander/libel case) but some of the decisions have to be questioned.

I could go on and on and on....

But my question is, are the events of last season likely to see an improvement in the standard of refereeing this season? Will all clubs in the SPL be playing on a (more) level playing field?

Be sure to vote and of course, your comments are very welcome.

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